Visionary Breakouts

Friday, April 16 from 5:00pm to 5:30pm Pacific Time

We will be launching our exciting, new Vision at Conference!

What to Expect

During Friday evening, attendees will have the chance to be part of the reveal and then join a virtual Vision Room to discuss how this new vision can be imagined. Each virtual Vision Room will have a Visionary Moderator whom will guide you through an envisioning experience filled with amazing possibilities. The Virtual Room options are below:


Rainbow Room

In this room, our very own fairy godmother Visionary will take you on a guided journey to the end of the rainbow. Get your ruby slippers ready to go where dreams really do come true.


Dream Room

In a dream palace where PJs and pillows rule the day, your Visionary will transport you to a fantastic dream state to explore the ideas you have when your imagination runs totally free.


Discovery Room

Get ready to blast off to the future. Here your space-ready Visionary will pilot you through the universe to an interstellar bridge where you’ll have the chance to wish upon a star.


Sky Room

In this beautiful boundless space where only the sky is the limit, you’ll fly as free as a bird while your winged Visionary guides you up, up and away to share thrilling new possibilities.

  Paradise Room

Your colorful, creative Visionary will take you on a fun envisioning voyage to an illusory island where you’ll discover how much the ideal paradise is not just a place, but a state of mind.


Nature Room

Explore a world of adventurous thinking as your Mother Nature Visionary takes you on a revealing journey along undiscovered paths to explore new views and exciting potential realities.

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