New This Year! – May 3, 2019

Expanding Our Impact

One of NCL’s strategic initiatives this year is to expand our social impact in our local communities and across the nation. Both local and national efforts are important to build our brand as the premier mother-daughter volunteer workforce. This year, we will be dedicating a full day at Conference (Friday, May 3, 2019) to highlight philanthropy! This will be the day for everyone to wear their collectible Conference Philanthropy T-shirts, which will be included as part of your 3-Day Conference registration.

Get ready for a full day of fun! Specific to programming, we will have a luncheon that focuses on the voice of the Ticktocker and how they are becoming leaders and the philanthropists of the future. We will also be collectively launching our National Philanthropy Initiative for the new year by serving together at Conference.

Through our National Philanthropy Initiative, we are transforming how we serve needs and support causes that affect women and children. Hands-on efforts, as well as awareness and education initiatives that are meaningful and relevant to our younger generations, have been rolled out this year as part of our National Philanthropy Initiative toolkit. It’s all about magnifying our voices together!

What to Expect

Wear your Conference Philanthropy T-shirts and show your spirit!

  • Start the day with exercise and then join us for a yummy and entertaining “Breakfast, Community and Coffee” where key best practices philanthropy topics for community will be volleyed.
  • Shortly after, we’ll conduct the high-spirited Chapter Awards & Board Installation Program!
  • Get ready for a collection of workshops that put a new spin on how to enrich the Mother-Daughter experience. This trifecta of workshops is a can’t miss series for Members! You’ll learn:
    • Creative ways to navigate challenges and methods to achieve conflict resolution.
    • A new take on modern etiquette tools in action from Myka Meier
    • What’s next for our Charms & Awards Programs, Chapter Programming and Senior Recognition
    • Later, Myka will conduct a Q &A session.
  • NCL’s Thinking Out of the Box Lunch features a Ticktocker Keynote Speaker Panel with three outstanding Members who’ve started their own philanthropic projects. They’ll share how their impact as philanthropists is shaping the future.
  • Join us for an exciting networking event where you’ll mix and mingle with other amazing NCL leaders.


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