National Day of Service

Saturday, April 23 – All Day!

Participate in our premiere virtual national day of service! We encourage all members to participate in one or all three activities below at any time during the day on April 23. Let’s find ways to do philanthropy together – whether it is as mothers and daughters across chapters, senior grade level classes or multiple chapters coming together!

If your chapter is participating and would like to generate PR interest, use our Media Alert Template here.

What to Expect

After Saturday’s keynote speakers, attendees will have the chance to come together and hear about our national partners who have made this opportunity available to all of our members. We’ll spotlight some of the participating chapters and honor the work of all chapters!

After conference or throughout the day on April 23, all members will be able to join in a hands-on philanthropy activity with one of our partners below.

More details will be provided as we progress.

CPR Training Project

Total Needed: Unlimited

Hours: 2 hours for the trainers and 1 hour for the CPR training participants

Logging Hours: Select “National Day of Service – April 23, 2022” as your organization and “American Heart Association – CPR Training” as your activity.

Learn two steps to save a life with hands-only CPR. We are pleased to support the American Heart Association (AHA) and its important mission to increase survival from cardiac arrest. We are asking all chapters to consider participation in providing CPR training as part of our national day of service activities. Did you know that 70 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in homes? Statistically speaking, if you are called on to give CPR in an emergency, you will most likely be trying to save the life of someone you love: a spouse, a parent, a child or a friend. View the infographic for more information or watch this short clip

In support of this important effort, chapters will have an opportunity to receive a virtual orientation hosted by American Heart Association, as well as a Train the Trainer session. The orientation recording and Train the Trainer recording are now available. Review the recordings to learn how to use the CPR & First Aid Anywhere training kits. This kit is great for small, more intimate training where participants can take turns practicing while watching. It is recommended for use of up to 20 people.

Please note: AHA and NCL are providing a free kit for any chapter that opts in by March 14th. All additional kits can be purchased at the price of $38.50 using this link.

Additionally, we encourage chapters to spread the word in their local community using social media platforms on April 23, 2022. NCL will provide digital resources to promote your campaign.


Gathering Voices Project

Total Needed: 5,000

Hours: 1.5 hours for creation of video content and filming in 2 minutes or less (Maximum of 1 video per member participant)

Logging Hours: Select “National Day of Service – April 23, 2022” as your organization and “Alzheimer’s Association – Gathering Voices Project” as your activity.

During the National Day of Service in April, NCL members are invited to create a brief video (up to 1 minute) using the Association’s license to their “Gathering Voices” platform. NCL members can tell their personal stories of how the disease has impacted them (or their neighbors, friends, community) and invite others to get involved / get help. These videos can then be used in a coordinated social media campaign throughout May / June to promote Alzheimer’s Community Forums.

There are 2 options to choose from on April 23rd:

Thank you for joining the orientation! View the recording here.

Sleep Tight Project

Total Needed: 10,000

Hours: Up to 2 hours per pillowcase with a thank you note (Maximum of 2 pillowcases per member participant)

Logging Hours: Select “National Day of Service – April 23, 2022” as your organization and “Operation Gratitude – Sleep Tight Project” as your activity.

Logging Donations-In-Kind: Select “Operation Gratitude – to be used for the 2022-2023 hours year” as your organization and “Items Donated” as your activity. Enter in the value of your items donated in the Amount section.

In support of Operation Gratitude’s Handmade with Love program, members have an opportunity to participate in the “Sleep Tight” initiative, which was started by Ashley Porter, Sustainer. The project supports mental health through understanding and addressing the challenges and stresses of our military. Custom one-of-a kind, colorful pillowcases become a unique way to send uplifting and encouraging words. Operation Gratitude will include these in care packages to Veterans and Wounded Heroes. These pillowcases allow us to say thank you and bring comfort and cheer, while also providing a useful product!

Thank you for joining our orientation of the project. View the recording here.


  • Pillowcases can be purchased or handmade and must be new. We do not accept used pillowcases.
  • Pillowcases should be Queen Size and be a standard shape. Please do not add tassels or ties.
  • Please use 100% cotton or a cotton blend, or flannel. Flannel would be appreciated because of its soft texture, but cotton works just as well.
  • There are no color restrictions for the pillowcases and we encourage you to be creative when choosing your fabric.
  • NO GLITTER please, nor use of 3D items. (i.e., no bedazzling rhinestones, pearls, puffy stickers, etc.)
  • We suggest using fabric dye, crayons, indelible ink pens (i.e., Sharpies for fabric), alcohol inks or color markers. Do not use paint of any type.
  • Create artwork of your choosing and feel free to decorate one or both sides.
  • You may write letters of appreciation on your pillowcases. Please follow our letter writing guidelines for content.
  • We ask that you do not wash your pillowcases. Many people are allergic to specific laundry soaps and the fragrance from the detergent or dryer sheets will overwhelm the taste of any food items in the care package. If you must wash them, please use a hypoallergenic unscented laundry soap.
  • Shipping instructions: 

Download the flyer, which includes the shipping instructions and the letter writing guidelines!

We’ve included a link to purchase pillowcases. Click here to order 1 Dozen Pillowcases!

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