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We are excited to introduce our refreshed and improved NCL Chapter Award categories which fully embrace our Mission! The Criteria for Chapter Awards can be found here.


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Apply by March 20, 2019 | Applications due to NCL, Inc. Headquarters by 5 pm PST

Submissions are accepted via mail or electronically. However, we encourage electronic submissions.

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Thank you to everyone who submitted applications for Chapter Awards last year! To all of our Chapters who applied, we thank you for your outstanding work and congratulations to our five winners: 



Cherokee Rose Chapter

Cherokee Rose Chapter’s January Crossover Ticktocker Meetings won the award for Innovative Ticktocker Programming.  Each January, under the guidance of their GLAs, each Ticktocker Class is asked to plan a crossover meeting featuring a program that correlates to one of their Class’ Life Skills, Etiquette Skills, or Positive Identity areas from the Chapter’s Six Year Core Program.  Ticktockers from other grades are invited to attend as many meetings that interest them.  These meetings focus on inclusion of mother-daughter activities. Business is conducted according to the class needs, and only Members of that grade level are allowed to vote.  Ticktockers log league hours for each meeting they attend and may use one meeting as a makeup meeting.


Ginny Villa

This award was created to pay special tribute to NCL, Inc. Leaders that embrace the core values and Mission of NCL in a way that results in consistently improving and serving our organization. In her position as the National District Coordinator, Region V/District 5 role for two terms, Ginny has demonstrated her leadership by strengthening support and relationships with and among Presidents in her District. In supporting the voice of the Ticktocker, she included a Ticktocker Panel during their President-Elect training to share insights on everything from dress codes to making new girls feel accepted. Ginny is especially recognized for her ability to allow each person to utilize their natural talents and navigate their own leadership role in their own style.



South Placer County Chapter, Dawn Abshear

While serving on the Chapter Board, Dawn has taken on secondary positions throughout her tenure, fulfilling her passion as philanthropy liaison for Special Olympics of Northern California, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF), Adopt an Elder and Sacramento Home Aid. Her outstanding relationship with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation were instrumental in her Chapter receiving the CFF Community Partner Award.



Salt Lake City Chapter, Raine Padawer

Raine is passionate about philanthropy work and has spent countless hours volunteering and making a difference in her community. She demonstrates a strong set of values and moral code to improve the lives of others. Her Chapter award achievements include Mother-Daughter, Mission Bell, Yellow Rosebud, Hourglass, Merci, Yellow Rose Bouquet and Heart of Gold.



Cottonwood Chapter
The Cottonwood Chapter increased their impact by identifying the primary needs of their community, developing collaborative efforts with existing partners, and participating in the National Philanthropy Initiative. Their collective efforts resulted in 500 additional hours of service compared to the prior year. The Chapter created a “Grateful Gathering” collaboration with LovePacs, one of their philanthropy partners, to provide 40 students with food boxes for the Holiday Season. Each grade level class donates food, assembles the boxes and delivers them.



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