National Facilitators

Leadership Development Team

The team began in 2003 with six women who were selected through an application and interview process to serve as our first NCL Trainers. They were charged to design and deliver a message on leadership skills to incoming Chapter Officers at every Spring District Meeting. Over the years, their role and responsibilities have evolved as NCL, Inc. has embraced the importance of consistent job specific training, facilitation of idea sharing, as well as development of leadership skills for all Members.

In recent years, the team has also served as mentors to Ticktocker Advisory Council members who have taken on the role of peer to peer training for Ticktockers. Together they bring a wealth of experience to this leadership team. They have served in multiple NCL roles including Chapter Presidents, VPs Membership, VPs Ticktockers, VPs Philanthropy, Treasurers, Parliamentarians, GLAs, ECAs, District Leadership positions, and as members of the NCL, Inc. Board of Directors. Professionally, those on our Leadership Development Team are educators, counselors, accountants, public relation specialists, human resource specialists, writers — and are involved in multiple non-profits, businesses and volunteer organizations in their communities across our nation.

Meet the Team

  • Ann Gibbins – Team Lead
  • Linda Martens – Team Lead
  • Adeliza Tiffany
  • Anne Spaulding
  • Ashley Alford
  • Bonnie Vogel
  • Cynthi Knight
  • Elizabeth Rice
  • Jenny Douglas
  • Joan Raskin
  • Kathy Keil
  • Laura Bolin
  • Lynn Cordell
  • Mary Healy
  • Sue Lichter
  • Tammy Ashliman

Ticktocker Advisory Council

The Ticktocker Advisory Council is a forum composed of Provisional and Active Ticktockers that contribute their ideas to ensure future programs are relevant and engaging for all Ticktockers.

Meet the Council

Name Grade Chapter
Noel Horn 11 Beachside
Ava Sadasivan 10 Capital of Texas
Alexandra Johnson 10 East Cobb
Ripley Coope 12 Elevation
Neha Mukhara 10 Emerald City
Mae Bledsoe 9 Greater Kansas City
Devhara Weeratunge 12 Livable Forest
Meredith Kenney 10 Manhattan-Hermosa
Madison Giles 11 Orchard Valley
Hayley Schaaf 8 Oregon Rose
Audrey Hendrick 7 Preston Bluebonnet
Madison Rambo 8 River Road
Sophie Harthcock 11 Round Rock
Paulina Bortnak 11 San Diego Del Norte
Alice Sperling 10 Santa Barbara
Georgia Bukata 10 Scottsdale
Caroline McNinch 11 Skyline
Alexia Lexi Radzyminski 12 Skyline
Caroline Cullinane 11 South Austin Wildflowers
Mylan Le 10 Texas Topaz

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council

The DEI council is an advisory group of NCL members promoting intentional, respectful dialogue to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion toward NCL’s goals.

Meet the Council

Name Chapter
Chanelle DeGraff Ahwatukee Foothills
Stephanie Trevino Azalea
Benita Horn Beachside
Wendy Schultz Beachside
Brooke Engel Boulder County
Cheryl Kisob Burbank
Robyn Ellis Burbank
Nancy Brown Canaan Parish
LaShana Morris Cardinal
Sheronda Jeffries Cardinal
Tawana Cadien Cypress Belles
Stephanie Porter El Dorado Hills
Mary Pettit Fort Worth
Shin Chin Glendale
Julie Paul Golden Gate
Theresa Dawson Manhattan Hermosa
Maya Santiago Moonlight
Sonali Santiago Moonlight
Dupe Omoworare North Dallas
Erykah Glass Northeast Atlanta
Nichole Glass Northeast Atlanta
Tomika Hargett Northeast Atlanta
Dara Wilk Portland
Anika Bell River Road
Lexi Worms San Dieguito
Michelle Sargent San Dieguito
Tanvi Patel Star
Tanya Sterling Sugar Land Jewels
Angel Morgan Whittier
Angela DeCuir Yorba Linda
Gabrielle DeCuir Yorba Linda

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